Title : What is Black Hat SEO | Black Hat SEO | What is Black Hat SEO Practice | Black Hat SEO Practice Online

Subject: What is Black Hat SEO? What is Black Hat SEO Practice? Black Hat SEO?

Disclaimer: In SEO (Search Engine Optimization) methodology, SEO is divided into major two part one is white hat SEO and the second is Black hat SEO. Here I am just talking about what is the black hat SEO? Because if you know that What is black hat SEO?, then you can protect your website from spam. So basically black hat SEO refers to the use of those activities which provides the benefit for short time with unethical SEO strategies, techniques and tactics like - more keywords stuffing, generate back links from irrelevant themes and so on.

More interesting things and best black hat SEO example. If you want to quick money return from your website, then you, start to promote your website online just for generating the traffic and start to earn money by taking third party ads or like so. I am sharing some black hat SEO points so that you can consider when your site goes down or may you protect of that.

Duplicate Content
Spam Comments
Doorway Pages
Article Spinning
Keyword Stuffing
Invisible Text
Hidden Text or Links
Sneaky Redirects
Reporting a Competitor
Content Automation
Link Schemes
Guest Posting Networks
Link Farms, Link Wheels or Link Networks

All these are the black hat SEO practice, so when you start to optimize your website must keep in mind.

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